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Kevin French, <span style='font-size: 1.125rem'>BA</span>

Kevin French, BA


Kevin started his real estate career in development while working in tandem to obtain his Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. Kevin understands real estate from its initial planning stages to home ownership and real estate investment. As avid about wine and food as he is real estate, you’ll be sure to learn a thing or two about both while working with him.

403 606 8593

Tara Melhus, <span style='font-size: 1.125rem'>MA</span>

Tara Melhus, MA

Design Consultant

A multi-tasking professional with an eye for style, Tara specializes in designing spaces for everyone. Her creativity and flair come straight from the heart and will not disappoint. Tara is passionate about sharing her knowledge of décor trends and creative ideas to make your home stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s buying the right sofa or sourcing the best deals, Tara’s got you covered.

403 803 6865

Patrick Hicks, <span style='font-size: 1.125rem'>MBA</span>

Patrick Hicks, MBA

Marketing Coordinator

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403 606 8593

Jeff Miranda

Jeff Miranda

Visual Designer & Front-End Developer

With several years experience in real estate marketing design for both print and web, Jeff creates engaging designs that focus on showcasing your property. Through purposeful efficiency and clarity, his marketing materials control the narrative to properly tell the story of your property which ultimately leads to a call-to-action for the user. Real estate marketing design isn’t an after thought, it’s an integral component to the real estate sales funnel.

403 606 8593

Colin Hunt

Colin Hunt

Systems Architect & Web Developer

If you were to pull back the curtain, you’d find the Wizard of Oz of back-end programming. With more than ten thousand listings in MLS, having a system that’s fast, accurate, and optimized for search engines is critical in delivering your property to potential buyers. Colin enhances online efficiency while increasing exposure to potential buyers.

403 827 0569

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